V.Reverse was a punk band from Chicago, IL. They were around from 1995-1997, and played many shows, went on U.S. and Canadian tours, released 1 record.

"V.Reverse was a short lived Chicago band, a blip on the proverbial midwest hardcore radar, but their influence on the music that this city has produced is still evident today. Combining witty lyrics with quirky, aggressive hardcore that galvanized this city to get off it's ass and start creating music that is new, refreshing and pushes the boundaries of punk rock in every direction. V. Reverse had a profound impact on my life at the time. That'ts why I couldn't stand to let the songs go into out of print obscurity. Hopefully they'll be able to touch one person the way they touched me. This CD compiles their out of print 10" on Underdog Records, all their compilation songs, their original demo tape, their unreleased 7" recording and alternate recordings of several other songs. V.Reverse contains members that later went on to My Lai, Killsaide, Fourth Rotor, and Defender." — Mike Gibson of Arms Reach Recordings

UPDATE -- March 2008: Douglas and Patrick are playing together again in 97-shiki.




All of V.Reverse's recordings are available here for download.



About This Page

This page is put up by me, Douglas Ward, former member of V.Reverse. The purpose is to provide information about, and free recordings of, V.Reverse for people who are still interested. You can contact me through my, and Patrick's current band, 97-shiki, at our website http://97-shiki.com/.